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   ChessHeads® Deck Builders  $7.99

   ChessHeads® Folding Chess Set  $49.99

   ChessHeads® Travel Game Box  $59.99

   ChessHeads® Deluxe Game Box  $69.99

Buy a complete set of  "Edition - 1A"  ChessHeads® cards.

Free playtest cards in PDF format!

18 Free ChessHeads® card JPEG samples!

ChessHeads TCG


ChessHeads® Deck Builder
ChessHeads® Deck Builder Box  $7.99

  ISBN 09759950-0-6    by Mindspan Labs (previously WizerGames)    Item #MDL2000

  ChessHeads® is the trading card game that you can play with any chess set.

ChessHeads® transforms the ancient game of chess into an explosive adventure -- complete with fireballs, multi-dimensional vortexes and other-worldly creatures -- a struggle for your very existence on the chessboard!

Even if you're a chess veteran, -- and within just minutes of opening your very first ChessHeads® Deck Builder box -- the power of the cards will launch you into a quest for survival that you never dreamed possible!

  Set against a backdrop that bridges our human world with the Qualwirld dimension, ChessHeads® is the new Trading Card Game that you'll enjoy playing against any opponent, from day one!

... think yur game?

  Every ChessHeads® Deck Builder box  holds 30 randomly assorted cards from this set of 121 ChessHeads cards (Edition 1a), 2 sheets of full-color Entigy tokens for use as resource in the game, and 1 fold-out rules sheet complete with glossary, card checklist, and a story-line introduction. Play ChessHeads® using your ChessHeads cards and any ordinary chess set.

Each ChessHeads® Deck Builder Box is $7.99   Item #MDL2000


ChessHeads® Folding Chess Set
ChessHeads® Folding Chess Set  $49.99

   Made in the USA by Mindspan Labs (previously WizerGames)     Item #WZR1004

  This folding magnetic set comes in a durable zipper pouch and includes 1 set of Seisamwood and Whitewood magnetic pieces (1.25" King height), 2 sets of Entigy tokens, 12 glass marker tokens, 2 ChessHeads Booster Packs, and 1 signed pre-press ChessHeads card image that will be a valuable addition to your collection. The ChessHeads® board graphic has 2 built-in Entigy pools, and the folding case design is wrapped in durable imitation leather. Open it measures 7.25" by 11.25".

  Hurry, these elegant sets are handmade in very limited quantities!

* Please note: Full ChessHeads Deck Builders are not included with this set, but must be purchased separately.

  This set is perfect for all manner of ChessHeads® travel fun!

The ChessHeads® Folding Chess Set is $49.99   Item #WZR1004


ChessHeads® Travel Game Box
The ChessHeads® Travel Game Box  $59.99

   Made in the USA by Mindspan Labs (previously WizerGames)     Item #WZR1002

  Straight from the Qualwirld, this portable magnetic gamebox includes one ChessHeads® Deck-Builder, one set of Seissamwood and Whitewood magnetic pieces (1.25" King height), one set of extra magnetic disk chess piece tokens, ten glass stone markers, and one signed pre-press ChessHeads® card image that will be a valuable addition to your collection.

  Hurry, these elegant sets are handmade in very limited quantities! The 10" x 14" ChessHeads® board graphic is right out of the mythology (showing 2 Clan Roox), and has two built-in Entigy pools and a Boneyard. The lid fits tightly when closed, and stores conveniently under the gamebox base during play. The exquisite box lining is a burgundy colored, crocodile patterned Pellaq material.

  Take it this set with you wherever you go, for it travels quite well.

The ChessHeads® Travel Game Box is $59.99   Item #WZR1002


ChessHeads® Deluxe Travel Game Box
The ChessHeads® Deluxe Travel Game Box  $69.99

   Made in the USA by Mindspan Labs (previously WizerGames)     Item #WZR1003

  Larger than our small portable gamebox above, this beauty includes two ChessHeads® Deck-Builder boxes, one set of Dark Rosewood and Whitewood magnetic pieces (King height is 2" tall), two extra magnetic sets of disk chess piece tokens, 12 glass marker tokens, and one signed pre-press ChessHeads® card image.

  These sets are handmade in very limited quantities.  The 10" x 14" boxed board graphic shows larger squares, and has a removeable Boneyard and built-in Entigy Pools. The box lid fits snugly when closed and stores under the base during play.

  This box is lined inside and out with the same burgundy colored, crocodile patterned Pellaq material as our smaller ChessHeads® Game Box. With such a roomy Boneyard capture tray, you'll just have to stock up on extra Entigy tokens and pieces.

  Perfect for both ChessHeads® and "regular" chess.

The ChessHeads® Deluxe Travel Game Box is $69.99   Item #WZR1003


ChessHeads® Complete Card Set
The ChessHeads® Complete Card Set  $99.99

    Item #WZR1008

  Now for a limited time, you can buy a complete set of ChessHeads® Trading Cards!

  Assembled for you carefully by our master ChessHeads artificers, this complete set of 121 "Edition 1A" ChessHeads® cards will come to you well-protected in archival card sheet protectors and bound in a durable, plastic binder-box.

  Purchasing a complete set of collectible ChessHeads® cards this way means that you'll collect all 121 cards from the "Edition 1A" print-run without having to search 12 -15 or so Deck Builders.  You'll save perhaps $20 to $50 or more on ChessHeads® Deck Builders, not to mention your new binder, your new archival card-protector sheets, and the time and energy you save on collecting your ChessHeads® cards!

  Remember however:  If you feel "half-the-fun" of collecting ChessHeads® Trading Cards and playing the game is in the searching for cards and building thematic decks, then we are not going to disagree with you!  As a matter of fact, you may have the stuff that ChessHeads Agents are made of, and you may want to look into becoming one of our  CHCA Agents.

  If you do, then we have a special offer for you:  Purchase at least 10 ChessHeads Deck Builders from us -- in one order at the retail price of $10 each -- and we will GUARANTEE that you complete at least one set of ChessHeads® cards from them!

  If you do not find all 121 Edition 1A cards within 30 days of receiving your 10 Deck Builders from us, then simply give us your word as to which few remaining ChessHeads cards you still require in order to complete your set, and we will ship those individual cards to you, at our own expense! And, you will have many cards left with which to build your playing decks!  Of course, you will still need your own binder and archival card-protectors!

The ChessHeads® Complete Card Set is just $99.99   Item #WZR1008

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