The Daggerkey of Katahnah

So... looks like you've gone an' stumbled through a portal into the Qualwirld...

Proud of yourself, are you? Hmph! Don't be... far as I'm concerned you're headin' for a whole lotta' trouble...

No matter... makes no difference to me either way; stay or go... no difference at all.

You try and stick around, well, you better be the patient sort ... and resourceful.

You're gonna' need that... resourcefulness I mean. Yup, gonna' need it big time.

But you don't care about all that, do you? You just wanna' get right on to the big adventure huh?

Yeah great; really great... that's all I need:  A wet-behind-the-ears, wanna' be Circle Alliance agent gettin' in the way.

Nuthin' good can come from it if you ask me. Don't go around later sayin' I didn't warn you... you and I'll both know different.


The Daggerkey of Katahnah     by David Weinstock       

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