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Sizzletoad! ®

Sizzletoad! ®   Ages 5 and up.

The award winning board game!
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Major Fun for Kids Award Sizzletoad! front box image Dr. Toy Award 2007
Get the Sizzletoad!® board game for only  $14.99


Bernie DeKoven          Hunter Johnson          Ron McClung          KidzWorld


Sizzletoad!®  $14.99

  ISBN 097599501 - 4    by Mindspan Labs (previously WizerGames)    Item #MDL3000

Mischief at Sizzletoad Pond

You've just stumbled onto a small secret pond, hidden right in your own neighborhood. Three odd little creatures and their frog-friends are playing, and whatever their game is it's good! There's a duck made of paper, a bug trapped in a rock, and a toad spitting sparks from its tongue. They're all squealing and jumping, leap-frogging and bumping, and racing the pond; oh what fun! Such tumbling and flapping and sparking and quacking; how you'd love to join the confusion. Then they all see you watching and ask you to play, and assure you it's not an intrusion.

  Sizzletoad!® is a fast-paced mix of artful luck, strategy, and pure "psych-out" fun for 2 to 4 players, ages 5 to 105! It combines the timeless fun of "Rock-Paper-Scissors" and "TIC-TAC-TOE" to create an exciting leapfrog race around the pond! It takes just a minute to learn and only 15 to 25 minutes to play.

  And Sizzletoad!® is so portable you'll want to take it with you everywhere you go! Whether enjoying game night with your family, hanging out with friends, waiting in line for your next big game event, on vacation, or just commuting to work or school, you'll have oodles of fun with every rousing game of Sizzletoad!

  Our standard Sizzletoad!® game box includes: one portable folding gameboard (the pond), twenty-four playing cards (8 Sizzletoads, 8 Paperducks, 8 Fossilticks), four durable, colored glass game pieces, and one complete instruction sheet.

  Sizzletoad!® is Made Lovingly in the USA by Mindspan Labs (previously WizerGames).

Each Sizzletoad® Standard Game Box is just $14.99   Item #MDL3000


Sizzletoad!®     From: Mindspan Labs (previously WizerGames)

Reviewed by Ron McClung for

Sizzletoad!® is a new Family Board Game from Mindspan Labs (previously WizerGames).

This game is a family-friendly, 2-player game (with the options for 3 and 4 players) that is fast-paced and fun for everyone.  It also has some developmental benefits to it for younger players and is a great combination of two simple games that kids always play.

  From the back cover:
"This game combines rock-paper-scissors and tic-tac-toe into a fast, frog-hopping race around the pond."

  Players split the deck of 24 cards.  Play is in terms of rounds.  In each round, players present a card from their hand.  This is considered a Duel.  Whoever wins the duel places either card of the duel onto the lily pad tic-tac-toe board.  The other card goes to the discard pile.  Play in the round continues until one player completes a 3-in-a-row on the tic-tac-toe board, which ends the round.  At the end of the round, the player scores 1 point for each card that is in the discard pile.  Score is kept on the lily pad track along the outer edge of the board.  The game ends when the first player reaches 33 points or more.

  From the website:
"And remember: Sizzletoad beats Paper Duck beats Fossiltick beats Sizzletoad!"

  A duel is basically like Rock-Paper-Scissors.  There are three types of cards - Sizzletoad, Paperduck and Fossiltick.  As the quote above says, one beats the other like in Rock-Paper-Scissors.  There are also some interesting "leap frog" aspects to the score track that adds even more fun.


This is a great family game for kids and parents to play.  It incorporates basic hierarchy skills as well as matching skills.  Becoming a father 2 years ago has brought my attention more and more to these games, because I see my daughter develop and see how these games could really help.  This is a cool little game with an interesting dynamic for all ages.

  For more details on Mindspan Labs (previously WizerGames) and their new family board game Sizzletoad!, check them out at your local game stores or their web site

Reviewed by Ron McClung for


Sizzletoad!®    Published by Mindspan Labs (previously WizerGames)
Game Design by David Weinstock   $14.99 - $34.99

Reviewed by Hunter Johnson (http//

  Sizzletoad!® is the newest game line from Mindspan Labs (previously WizerGames).  As with their previous title, ChessHeads, this game comes in a variety of packages.

  I received a standard box (the $14.99 edition) as a review copy; the deluxe box ($24.99) has a plastic carrying case instead of the cardboard box and nicer pawns -- colorful glass ladybugs instead of monochrome glass, uh, shapes (heart, star, shell, and other shell).  The standard pawns are perfectly functional.  While the carrying case would be a definite upgrade I'm not sure I'd switch to the ladybugs if given the deluxe edition.  The ladybugs are prettier, but they might be harder for very young players to distinguish.  There is also a magnetic travel version ($34.99), also with ladybugs.

  The game itself is simple, just right for a kids' game.  At least in the two-player version, that is.  The rules changes for three players make it a different game, and four-player is a series of two-player battles set up as a single-elimination tournament for each round.

  The game describes itself as a fusion of two triple hyphenates: Rock-Paper-Scissors and Tic-Tac-Toe.  The roshambo trio is replaced by Sizzletoad-Paperduck-Fossiltick, and you can't always pick the duelist you want: you get a handful of cards to start the round, and you might find yourself out of, say, Fossilticks before it's over.  Since all of the cards are distributed each round, a card-counting opponent will also know when your options have been reduced.  The winner of each pairing places one of the cards (winner or loser) on the tic-tac-toe board.

  The first several match-ups are not much to worry about; you can play predictably without fear until there are two in a row on the board with an open square left to finish it off.  Once someone does finish the row, their score is based on the number of cards discarded (played but not selected to go on-board) during the round.  So the longer you can string your opponent along (and still win), the better.

  The two-player version is the best of the three possibilities.  As mentioned before, four-player is a series of single-elimination tournaments: if you beat your neighbor, you take one of the cards played against the other pair's winner.  It works, but it adds a little time to the game without much benefit -- the benefit is that you get to play with four players, but we'd rather get a different four-player game out and save Sizzletoad! for another time.

  The three-player game gives up the Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanic for a new one: you win if your opponents' cards match but yours doesn't. It's still a game of outguessing your fellow players, but it feels less satisfying somehow.

  So, buy it (if you have young children who enjoy games but you can't stand to be pulled around by your nose in Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders again) for the two-player game, and if you happen to enjoy the multi-player games more than I did, that will be a bonus!

  I tested the game against a nine-year-old and a six-year-old and both picked the rules up readily, and they were ready to play against each other without supervision after the first games.

Reviewed by Hunter Johnson (http//

Ask for Sizzletoad!®  at your local game store.

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