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Originally founded as "The Chessworks Studio" by David Weinstock in Seattle WA, was started as the company's web site in 1996, with The ChessMate® Pocket Chess Set as its flagship product.

Since then has produced such high quality sets as: The ChessMate® Wallet, The ChessMate® Ultima, and The ChessMate® TravelMate Deluxe. Recently David introduced the most elegant Travel-Style chess set of his entire line, The ChessMate® TravelMate-Ultra.

While continuing to improve the ChessMate® brand, David began, in 2001, to focus some of his attentions on creating and publishing original board games and card games under the company name "WizerGames."

In 2004 WizerGames published ChessHeads® -- an original mythology-based Trading-Card Game played with ChessHeads® cards and a chess set.  Then in 2005 came Sizzletoad!® -- a lively game for kids that won David the "Dr. Toy Award."

In 2009 David became interested in creating an "umbrella" for all of his non-chess endeavors -- including those games previously introduced by WizerGames -- in the form of a new company called "Mindspan Labs." The core focus of Mindspan Labs is on the design and creation of "intriguing games and devices." Two of David's longtime friends -- James Hoffman ( and Jeff Wilcox ( -- are also involved in various aspects of David's newest endeavor.

Releases by Mindspan Labs include The Thinket® (a uncommon stress-reliever), as-well-as an exciting new abstract strategy game for 2-players called ZoxSo® The New Ancient Game. and Mindspan Labs are based in Bothell, Washington, USA.

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