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Chess Highlights of the 20th Century
Chess Highlights of the 20th Century     $27.50

by Graham Burgess, HB, 208 pages, Published by GAMBIT, 1999, MSRP = $27.50.

"Chess Highlights of the 20th Century" is the latest effort by well-known chess author Graham Burgess, and is a superb look through the 20th Century, with two large pages devoted to each year. Within the two pages that are devoted to each year, we are given three or four game fragments (starting usually in the late opening or early middlegame stage, and running to the conclusion of the game), a review of the chess news and events, and a brief look at world events. Burgess' selection of games and key positions is just superb, and can hardly fail to delight even jaded fans of the game and its history. The book is solidly bound, very well typeset (John Nunn), and probably the best-looking Gambit book to date. Also, the 16-page section of photographs -- all from BCM archives -- are mostly garnered from the past 30 years, but include some of the greatest old masters as well.

This entertaining and well-produced book is, after all is said and done, a delightful excursion into the game of Chess from the 20th century, and is very much a book for casual chess fans and serious chess adherents alike to browse through lightly or to devour completely, as is their wont. It consists of the best chess, 1900-1999, in historical context: for, like the rest of the world, the game of chess has changed enormously during the 20th century. This book surveys these developments by focusing on the top events, greatest achievements and most brilliant games, year-by-year.

This instructive and engaging book places the chess material in its historical context with a review of the main stories of each year away from the chessboard. It will delight all those with a general interest in chess and its players, whether they are seeking to improve their game, to gain a better appreciation of chess and its heritage, or are simply looking for entertainment.

Chess Highlights of the 20th Century is priced at $27.50

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