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GM Yasser Seirawan with his ChessMate® Pocket Chess Set
The ChessMate ®  Pocket Chess Set


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   International Chess Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan owns a ChessMate® Pocket Chess Set of his very own.  So do many other chess players, in over 30 countries around the world.
   Why does GM Seirawan carry his ChessMate® with him wherever he travels?  It's because this magnetic chess set is handcrafted to give him (and you!) unmatched quality and the features that are most important in a pocket chess set.  And, as with all of our ChessMate® pocket and travel chess sets, the ChessMate's high-quality casing, board and pieces make it a real joy to use.
   The ChessMate®  is so compact that it will fit smoothly into your shirt or jacket pocket.  And while you'll use it during many games -- and for many hours of thoughtful analysis -- you'll also derive quiet pleasure in the impression that it leaves on friends (and foes) when you take it from your pocket.

   The ChessMate®  is very light-weight (approx. 5 ounces), very slim (only 5/8" thick), and about the size of a checkbook when closed (6-1/8" x 3-1/8").  The tri-fold case is hand-wrapped in durable imitation leather and has a built-in magnetic capture panel.  The board colors are light tan and dark green, and the border design is of an elegant antique-gold color.

   The ChessMate®  also comes with 4 extra pieces of each color (Queen, Bishop, Rook and Knight) for those sweet moments when you're able to promote a pawn.

   NOTE 1:  Some magnetic piece-disk assembly is required for the "classic" piece-disks that come with the basic ChessMate Pocket chess Set (the assembly instructions are included).  Also, while the pieces that come with the basic ChessMate are very easy to pick up and move around the board, they cannot be used to store an "on-going" game position, but must instead be set up in the original starting position before closing the set.

   NOTE 2:  In order to store an ongoing game position, you must have the "Deluxe Ultra-Flat Magnetic" pieces, which are the same pieces that come in the ChessMate® Ultima and the ChessMate® Wallet (no assembly is required for those pieces).  The Ultra-Flat Magnetic pieces are also available as an upgrade to the basic ChessMate Pocket Chess set, at an additional charge of $10.

   What do our customers have to say about The ChessMate® pocket chess set?

  •  "The ChessMate is the best pocket chess set I have ever used."     -- Anthony Buzzoni, NJ

  •  "This is a note to tell you how much I love my ChessMate pocket chess set.  I expected it to be nice, but the extraordinary quality was quite a surprise.  I often find myself using it even when a full-sized set is readily available and already set up.  Thanks for such a great product.  Everyone should have a ChessMate!"    -- Sandy Scott, Florida

    The ChessMate®  is only  $44.99.


    Kits of replacement chess piece disks (CM116) are only $9.99


    The ChessMate® is handmade in the USA.  Supplies are limited, so order yours today.

    Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with The ChessMate®  Pocket Chess Set

    You may return it for any reason within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price
    (please keep it in its original condition).

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