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Club-Special Plastic Pieces   $11.99 & up ChessMate Chess Pieces, Chess Mats, and Accessories
ChessMate® Tote & Bundles   $34.99 & up
The Club-Special Vinyl Chess Mat   $7.99
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The Club-Special Pieces
Club Special Pieces w/Black Nylon Drawstring Pouch  $14.99 Item #CM207-A

These regulation-size, unweighted, impact-resistant plastic chess pieces are used around the world by beginners, and club, scholastic, and tournament players alike. The King is 3- 3/4" tall, and the King's base diameter is 1-7/16".

The Club Special Plastic Pieces are available with our durable, black nylon drawstring-pouch for just $14.99, or by themselves without any pouch for only $11.99.

The Club Special Plastic Pieces with Black Nylon Drawstring Pouch for $14.99  Item #CM207-A

Club Special Plastic Pieces  WITHOUT  pouch for $11.99  Item #CM206


The Club Special Vinyl Mat
The Club Special Vinyl Chess Mat  $7.99  Item#CM304

This mat is favored by new chess initiates, chess clubs, chess tournament organizers, and scholastic chess players all over the world.  These boards feature dark-green squares printed on off-white vinyl using a durable vinyl ink, and with algebraic letter and number coordinates printed in the borders. The outer board dimension is approximately twenty inches square, and the individual squares are a regulation 2.25 inches..

The Club-Special Vinyl Chess Mat is priced at $7.99  Item #CM304


The ChessMate Tote
The ChessMate Tote Bag  $34.99  Item #CM503

This ChessMate Tote is padded, zippered, and made of durable, fine-weave ballistic nylon. Currently available in black, red, and green, it has two interior zippered pouches for chess pieces and one for your chess timer (even the Chronos Timer will fit), durable elastic straps to hold a rolled up vinyl chess mat, and ample space for score pads, pens, pocket chess sets, and other items. The zipper-pulls allow the use of a small padlock if desired. When closed, the ChessMate Tote measures about 7 inches tall by 23 inches long, and holds everything you will ever need to carry for your chess rendezvous!

1) The ChessMate Tote (empty) sells for $34.99.  Item #CM503

2) ChessMate Tote Club-Special Bundle  Item #CM1001
w/ The ChessMate Tote, Club-Special vinyl mat and pieces   ($54.97 value) sells for just $49.99.

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